New Video Clips Added to Louis’ Info

Go to the HORSES FOR SALE page to see up to date info on Louis and recent training videos. He is now a new member of the USEA and is getting ready to compete.


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Brick by Brick . . . .

Brick by brick, there are building blocks I go through when developing ex-racehorses into show horses. Being able to own my own farm, allows me the time to stick to a training schedule and give each horse the chance to grow in mileage and exposure. I don’t put the horses on an assembly line and push them out the barn doors, boom, boom, boom . . . . BOOM!

Big horses may appear to be large and in charge, but they also involve more effort on my part to work on their gaits and to get them coordinated enough to understand increasing and decreasing strides, half-halts, and fitting their big bodies into shorter distances. It takes a lot of work and time.

Today we did some schooling at home and put the fences up to 3′ for Louis. Raising the fences has been slow and gradual because I really wanted to have Louis understand what it meant to move forward from my leg, stay balanced, and have better footwork. We’ve been doing steady homework and the improvement has been his overall appearance over fences with lifting upward his forearms, getting more even at the knee, tighter around his fetlocks and a forward momentum at the canter over fences.


Louis has grown a lot since leaving the track and is tipping the scales at 17.3+. He makes the fences look small in the photos, and to be honest he could jump them from a walk if I asked him. The amusing part is that he tries very hard no matter what, and has such a pleasant character. He’s always in a good mood.


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More Cowbell at Groton House


2015 More Cowbell and Matti Burns

Former LKF Thoroughbred, More Cowbell is a shining star with his owner Matti Burns. He was a fancy youngster and a bit sassy, but he had grit and a toughness about him that I admired.

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New Youtube Video of Eor The Terrific (Louis)

We haul off the farm weekly and always enjoy time spent at Fox Ridge Farm. Louis got a little work in on the flat with the farm’s owner Becky while I did my best to film it.

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Spring 2015

2015ChattHillsDress1Ray 001

Artful Way 2015

2015ChattHillsDress2Ray 001

Artful Way 2015

2015ChattHillsJump1Ray 001

Artful Way 2015

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Schooling at Home


Schooling the ditch on the farm.

Yeah Louis! After schooling some fences in the arena today, I had a feeling that maybe it was time to ask Lou to go over the ditch out back. This is a shot of us at THE VERY FIRST ATTEMPT! What a horse! It’s an amazing and rewarding experience to develop young Thoroughbreds.

GO Thoroughbred! GO Louis!

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Updated Photos and Video clips of Louis


Louis schooling at Poplar Place


Beginner Novice logs


Schooling away from home

For more info, please go to HORSES FOR SALE page.

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