Excellent Amateur Prospect


Playitagain Howie

After only 2 weeks since leaving his racing career behind, Howie has been settling into his new life as a prospective Eventer/Show Horse. He has wonderful temperament that an amateur can appreciate. Reasonably priced at $5,500, but in time will go up as his training continues here at the farm. Now is the time to snatch him up and continue with his training.

See HORSES FOR SALE page for videos and call 404-202-4935 to schedule a visit.


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Eor The Terrific IS Terrific

Taking Louie (3 years old and current racehorse), out to escort Steve and his 2 year old filly to the track. He’s so cool!

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Photo Shoot of Eor The Terrific


For Sale – Eor The Terrific

We had a fun morning at Fox Ridge Farm, while Louie strutted his stuff for the camera. Letting a new prospect move around without a rider, gives the viewer a chance to see how well the horse moves. You also get a chance to see how the prospect handles a strange situation and whether they are enjoying themselves or are fearful and not too confident. For Louie, he was obviously having a fun time, was laid back about the whole ordeal and gave us a good idea of the type of horse he can be. He has beautiful natural engagement and an enormous gallop stride.


A huge gallop stride, covering ground with ease.

Louie has come off the track in great shape. He’s not body sore and is making adjustments to his new career with a positive attitude. He’s a massive size to start, but watching him gallop this morning in the arena, his stride covers so much ground. He wasn’t even trying hard. I doubt he’ll have many time faults in the future.


Eor The Terrific


Lovely trot work

Louie was born with a gentle demeanor, but having a knowledgeable horseman train and run him at the track has only made his life and future very positive and bright.


For Sale

For more information, go to HORSES FOR SALE page. Other Thoroughbreds are available. Call 404-202-4935.

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Horses For Sale Page Updated


For Sale

Check out the HORSES FOR SALE page on new ex-racehorse prospects and seasoned Eventers. The prospects have been off the track for a week and are beginning their new careers. Now is the time to invest in a handsome Thoroughbred for the show world before their prices go up.

All of the horses will continue to have updated photos, video and info posted. Check back often and call the farm to schedule a visit. 404-202-4935

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Updated Price on Handsome Low Level Eventer


For Sale – Cruz Control

Lovely Thoroughbred gelding available at a new low price. Cruz is a wonderful amateur’s mount at $16K. See more on HORSES FOR SALE page. Call the farm 404-202-4935

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NEW Red Bay Prospect!

Playitagain Howie (By Gulch – Out of Special Cheers), is a beautiful prospect who can become anything you want him to be. He is a clean slate, sound body and mind.  Great opportunity currently priced at $5,500. See more on HORSES FOR SALE page, and call 404-202-4935.


Prospect opportunity to get ready for 2015

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New Prospects For Sale at LKF

Prospect22014We are catching up from getting back in town, but wanted to post a brief message that the prospects will soon be posted on the web site.                                                      I’m offering something different this season, where buyers have the chance now to purchase a prospect at an extra low price.

These horses have recently finished their racing careers, and have not begun their training transition into show horses. Therefore, they have very attractive prices.

We are offering horses with impressive pedigrees, temperament, and conformation. They’re geldings, 16 hands to 17.2 hands, 3 – 4 years of age, recently raced, starting at $5,500. The horses we are offering have not begun their new training, and in time, as we invest training and competitions, their prices will go up accordingly. Now is the time to buy a clean slate and develop a horse exactly the way you want it to be. Contact the farm at 404-202-4935.


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