Sale Horse ‘Cholac’ Update!

Editor and photographer Leslie Threlkeld shot some lovely photos of sale horse Cholac over the weekend. I think the images really caught his persona. His info has been updated on the HORSES FOR SALE page. Please contact farm to schedule a viewing at 404-202-4935.

Cholac standing

2014 Cholac – Photo by Leslie Threlkeld

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Splint Bone Fracture Dilemma Continues

It was in Dec. 2012, that while schooling a stadium course, my horse Artful Way snapped his left fore splint bone upon landing from a fence. He went immediately lame and the pain was quiet evident. After x-rays and on doctor’s orders of 4 months stall rest, we were able to gradually get back to competing late 2013.

ChattHills2013Stadium1 001

Chattahoochee Hills 2013

Everything appeared to be well for Ray and I in 2014 and we began our season with a couple solid placings at Intermediate. Unfortunately, I had a little voice in my head telling me that leg was giving him some trouble. He didn’t feel 100%, so we x-rayed the fractured area again and concluded that the damaged bone didn’t heal correctly and was causing pain to the surrounding ligament. In order for Ray to get sound, he would need surgery to remove the jagged bone.



Dr. Jim Nash of Horner & Nash performed the surgery at his clinic, and after a couple days I was able to bring Ray home. Stall rest, stall rest, stall rest were the doctor’s orders.



A fracture like this is common for racehorses, jumpers and cutting horses, and Ray’s soundness came into question 2 days before leaving for a 1-Star. He was ripe both mentally and physically and ready to compete, so when everything came to a halt, it’s been very hard on him to stay quiet and not become frustrated. The recent vet visit was embarrassing when he tried to take a chunk out of the assistant holding him.

Time is the only remedy, and as hard as it is for the both of us to miss out on the Spring trials, I had to put my own desires aside. I dearly love this horse, bad manners and all.




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Arriving April 14th to Little Kentucky Farm

If you’re stuck in the office doing 9 to 5 and count the minutes until you get to the barn to ride, or if you want a reliable child-safe horse, then take a serious look at this boy.

For Sale - Cholac

For Sale – Cholac

Arriving on April 14th for consignment, imported Swedish Warmblood gelding ‘Cholac’ will be available for viewing. He is a schoolmaster mount at 1st Level with show experience in the Hunter-Jumper world. Cholac is safe, sound and pure class with an impressive pedigree that goes back 12 generations – (yes, he has Thoroughbred on his sire’s side). Call the farm for more information at 404-202-4935


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Breaking and Training Openings

Training packages start at 30 – 60 – 90+/per day for owners looking to place their horse into a program that not only develops the horse’s physical skill set, but molds them mentally into confident competitors.


Ponyboy Curtis doing great holding his line

Horses are introduced to various obstacles in order to produce a horse who can think for itself and react appropriately. Learning to move forward from leg contact, maintaining straightness to the fence and keeping the lines of communication clear and direct will build a horse’s confidence. It’s all about building a safe and dependable teammate.


More Cowbell tagging along to Chattahoochee Hills Trials as a non-compete horse

Schooling trips are part of the training package. So much responsibility is put on young horses to cope with the pressures of competition. Taking them off the farm and placing them in a show atmosphere as ‘non-compete’ horses, allows them to soak it all in. Loading up on the rig, traveling to strange places with new sights, sounds and smells can be overwhelming. But in time with steady positive progress, when the time comes to compete, the transition into the show ring will be a positive experience.


Jimmy Legs learning about cantering into water

The ‘basics’ that horses are taught, are to move forward from the leg aids and understand obstacle questions from small ditches, water, banks up and banks down and how to gallop on uneven terrain. Eventually, as the questions grow bigger for the horse, it’s going to be the former correct training that the horse will rely on to successfully get through the finish.


Beecher’s Brook is confident jumping into water

Openings are available at the farm to place horses in training throughout the year.


Beecher’s Brook is a lovely mover

The goal in placing horses in training, is to give them and owners the best opportunity to succeed. It can be a wise investment that will last a lifetime, because it really is about the ‘horse’, isn’t it?

Stella Luna

Stella Luna happily jumping a BIG oxer

Call 404-202-4935 to arrange for training.

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Candid Photos From Feb. Poplar Trial


Galloping across the track, making our way to the water


Intermediate question approaching the water


Holding our line into the 2nd part of the question


Over the 2nd boat, dropping into the water


Gallop through the water to next fence out


Eyes up and galloping forward


Walking home and feeling great

Thank you Mel for taking the time from your life to come to the trial and cheer Ray and I on. We love the photos!





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The Start of the new Season

With all of the hard work that Ray and I have been putting into training, the start of the 2014 season has been coming together and we’ve moved up to Intermediate.  For me, it also has a lot to do with mental preparedness and visualization.


Artful Way earning 3rd place in Open Intermediate at Poplar Place Farm

The icing on the cake for me personally was for Ray to also have won the Thoroughbred Incentive Program award for his last run in January. It means so much to have Thoroughbreds recognized for the breed and how they’re a huge part in the show world, away from the race track.


Ray modeling his Thoroughbred Incentive Program award.

This is Ray’s 3rd T.I.P award, and I must admit that I am a proud parent!

GO Ray! GO Thoroughbred!


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Updated Training Services Page

The Training Services page has now been updated for 2014. If you have a horse you need to place in affordable training or need to sell your horse with an experienced and trusted broker, contact Zeb at 404-202-4935.


The Pioneer – Sold

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