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Selling horses is constantly evolving mostly due to technology such as the internet. It can make things easier and it can certainly make things harder for the seller and the buyer. Lately, I’ve had some interesting experiences and thought if I wrote about it, it could help everyone involved.


Selling horses can be frustrating

I’m not politically correct and I am very black and white with people, especially when it comes to my horses. I have to be, because it saves valuable time and money in the long run. When searching for a horse to purchase and possibly considering a horse from Little Kentucky, keep the following in mind:

1) Read sale ads carefully and have an understanding of what the terminology in the ad means. For example, if it’s a 2 year old Thoroughbred taken off the track and is described as a ‘prospect’, it is a good bet the horse has never jumped a 3′ oxer. So don’t ask how high the horse can jump.

2) If the ad says “FOR SALE”, don’t ask if the horse can be leased or if there could be a trade.

3) When inquiring, do NOT text the phone number of the seller unless instructed otherwise. It is a lazy approach, rude and a first-class ticket of getting deleted.

4) Don’t contact the seller unless you are a serious buyer and is prepared to make an appointment to come see the horse in person.

5) Never make a dollar offer on a horse you have never seen in person.

6) If the price says $20K on a horse, it is safe to assume that the seller wants full asking price or might lower the price by a few numbers. Don’t make an insulting offer. Here at LKF, it isn’t an episode of Antique Archaeology. We don’t haggle, barter or trade.

7) Do your homework on the seller.

8) Always bring your trainer on the 1st visit. Be dressed to ride.

9) Don’t ask for personalized videos made to order. This isn’t McDonald’s.

10) Little Kentucky Farm is not a Thoroughbred rescue.

11) Stop referring to Thoroughbreds as OTTB. They are Thoroughbreds. OTTB is not a breed. Not all Thoroughbreds are ex-racehorses.

12) Just because it is a Thoroughbred, don’t assume it should be sold for bargain basement prices.

13) No I don’t have an accent and my horses at LKF are usually American Thoroughbreds. If you’re easily swayed by an accent, fancy warmblood names with astronomical prices for an import – Don’t call us.

14) If you love Thoroughbreds, have read the sale ads carefully and want to call the farm, we welcome your calls and will work hard to find the right horse for you.

Sermon is over . . . GO Thoroughbred!



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NEW Video of Sale Horse Cruz Control


For Sale – Talented Thoroughbred with a lot to offer!


Easy, adjustable, and an excellent horse for either an adult amateur or talented junior! For more information on this super horse, go to HORSES FOR SALE page and call the farm 404-202-4935.

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Its Horses Like Howard . . . .

. . .that get me up in the morning and quickly make my way down to the barn to tack up. I look forward in seeing him and he must like me too. While in the field, he’ll catch sight of me, neigh and come cantering up to the fence to greet me. He does this every day. Sort of makes me feel special or in a Disney movie.


Playitagain Howie

Flat work is developing into really nice movement, where Howard has super knee and hock action naturally. He feels fluffy to ride and very comfortable, again making me daydream about super Dressage scores in 2015.

As a 4 year old, he is a bit cocky and self-assured, and what I’ve discovered is that it translates into his flat work and recently popping over small obstacles and Liverpool. I had to remind myself that he never jumped before and to keep it simple and confidence building. Don’t rush it Zeb. Howard never hesitated once, and was enjoying himself as we played over cross rails. I rode around with a silly grin on my face the entire time.


Bad photo – Fantastic horse!

I had to post this shot of Howard and the Liverpool only because my husband Greg was caught off guard when he jumped it. We walked up to it in order to walk through it, but instantly Howard gathered himself and decided it would be more fun to jump.

Howard is like reading tea leaves to predict what the future holds. I’m honestly excited for him, a little relieved and a tad sad (because I fall in love so easily).

GO Howie and GO Thoroughbred!

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October Chattahoochee Hills Trials 2014

Last weekend was the Chattahoochee Hills Horse Trials in Fairburn, GA. As the season is drawing near to an end, at the last minute I decided to compete Ray – and I’m glad that I did. Our Open Preliminary division was early in the morning, chilly with a nice sunrise. Ray was tight and tense (something I’m very familiar with) in the warm-up, so I made the decision that I’d do the entire Dressage test in a medium gate. It paid off, where Ray had nice ground covering movement and he was more up in front and pulled less on my hands.

ChattHillsDressageOct2014 001

Artful Way – Oct. Chattahoochee Hills 2014

Cross country was soon after and Ray was a super star once again. This horse honestly loves Cross Country, and is not only easy to manage on course, but is so fast that we usually make great time. The course was designed to be gradually more difficult. With big narrow hedge tables, some of the big fences were placed into the terrain where galloping up steep hills can wear a horse out quickly. Luckily with Thoroughbreds, there’s always enough gas in their tanks.

ChattHillsXC2OCT2014 001

Artful Way – Cross Country

The course ended with a coffin complex into a slanted table. Jumping off at the finish and taking a quick look at Ray, everything looked great and he was hardly puffing. He must have known he was amazing, because he jigged and pranced all the way back to the shed row.

ChattHillsXCOCT2014 001

Artful Way dressed in pink for Oct. Breast Cancer Awareness

Sunday was Show Jumping and I’m happy to say that the hard work is paying off. We stayed forward in the canter, straight, and Ray used his shoulders and knees over the fences. By the time we got to fence 10A I remember thinking, “Wow, this is a clear ride so far.”

My one word of advice is to NEVER say that until you go over the last fence on course! I stopped riding at fence 10A, as I heard a ‘thud’ of the top rail. I snapped out of it and finished with the rest of the rails in their cups . . . but OH I WAS SO MAD at myself! We finished in 4th place and did a victory gallop to the ‘Mr. Ed’ theme song blaring over the PA. I was thrilled for Ray and we are looking forward in finishing the season Thanksgiving weekend at Pine Top.

I’d like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Woody Kennedy for providing pink polos and saddle pads over the weekend for Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s always a great cause.

GO Thoroughbred! GO Boobs!

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Impressive Gray Thoroughbred Gelding

After returning from a fantastic weekend at the Chattahoochee Hills Horse Trials, Eor The Terrific (Louie) had a bit of camera time at the farm. He is progressing very well and has everyone looking forward to the day he competes. New photos have been added to the HORSES FOR SALE page.


For Sale


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Beautiful Show Prospect – Playitagain Howie

We were lucky to have booked time with photographer Leslie Threlkeld this week, and she caught some special moments through her camera of sale horse Playitagain Howie. You can find his info on the HORSES FOR SALE page. Starting on the 1st of November, after 60 days of training, his price will be going up. If you’re looking for a handsome prospect at an awesome price, now is the time to invest in Howie.

LKF Howie-2_web

For Sale – Playitagain Howie

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Eor The Terrific IS Terrific

Taking Louie (3 years old and current racehorse), out to escort Steve and his 2 year old filly to the track. He’s so cool!

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