SOLD – Zuzu’s Petals

Little Kentucky Farm would like to congratulate Karen Kerby of Pleasant Hills Farm on the purchase of Zuzu’s Petals. This will be Karen’s 2nd horse purchased from us!

ZuZu (3 of 20)

SOLD – Zuzu’s Petals

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SOLD – Wing Tip Shoes

For Sale - Wing Tip Shoes

Sold – Wing Tip Shoes

Thank you and congratulations to the Lombardi family of New Jersey on their purchase of this lovely 3 year old prospect, Wing Tip Shoes (Hunter).

GO Hunter! – GO Thoroughbred!

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Reflections of Heathcliff 1985 – 2015

It has been tough watching my partner grow old. I’ve discovered as Heathcliff has changed through the years, that I’ve been changing right along with him. We’ve gotten old together. I made him a single promise when we first met, that I would do everything in my power to make him happy. I hope I did that, right up to the end. I feel a bit lost without him, but I suppose that too shall pass.

gallopH 001

Heathcliff – Photo by Dean Graham

I was returning back to the shed row when I first noticed him. He was a deep chestnut galloping alone in a pasture against the background of white fencing at the training track. I kept my eye on him as I rode up the pathway and it was a good thing that I did because from the back of the pasture, the chestnut colt took off at full speed down the side of the fence line straight for us.

The next thing I heard was a high pitch shrill when he spotteds us and he had no plans of slowing down as he was getting closer to the end of the field. I can remember feeling my stomach tighten and realizing that this crazy thing was going to crash into the fence and kill itself.

I jumped off my horse and yelled for help, hoping that someone could stop what was bound to happen any second. The grooms and a handful of stout Irish boys came to the barn’s doorway to see what trouble the silly blonde girl got herself into.

I was scared to look in the direction of the colt, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop him. He screamed again as he came to the fence, rocked back onto his hind quarters and lifted off the ground giving it everything he had, while clearing the 5′ fence.

We were all silent. Everyone. Totally silent. We stood there looking at each other, looking at the fence and back at each other. He cleared it. He more than cleared it – he sailed over it. It was beautiful. It was poetry. It was the type of jump folks would talk about over a pint at the pub.

Then someone broke the silence with a, “Bloody f- – -ing hell! Did you see that?”

We located the colt grazing peacefully outside the broodmare’s paddock, the ladies standing nearby trying to get the colt’s attention. He never bothered to make their acquaintance, but simply wanted to graze near them and not be alone. He hated to be alone.

That was how it all began. I promised to make him happy and I promised he’d never be alone.


Heathcliff and Zeb



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Eor The Terrific is Like a Fine Wine

Louis is gaining some valuable experience in a variety of atmospheres. This time it was with Show Jumper Glenn Hartigan of Eurimports at Chattahoochee Hills. As I’ve always said, it’s not the actual competition that is the hard part, but rather the warm up area.

On one end grooms were lunging horses and cracking lunge whips like Indiana Jones! Then on the other side, there were horses zipping around getting ready for their classes. Glenn kept Louis between his aides, kept him moving forward, asked for canter changes, and had Louis focused at the job at hand. The time spent in the warm up gave Louis an excellent foundation.

Louis is like a fine wine, that gets better with time.


Eor The Terrific (Louis)

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More Cowbell at Groton House


2015 More Cowbell and Matti Burns

Former LKF Thoroughbred, More Cowbell is a shining star with his owner Matti Burns. He was a fancy youngster and a bit sassy, but he had grit and a toughness about him that I admired.

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Spring 2015

2015ChattHillsDress1Ray 001

Artful Way 2015

2015ChattHillsDress2Ray 001

Artful Way 2015

2015ChattHillsJump1Ray 001

Artful Way 2015

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Red Hills International 2015 With Artful Way

Photography by Shannon Brinkman

Red Hills 2015 - The Hammock

Red Hills 2015 – The Hammock

Red Hills 2015 - Artful Way

Red Hills 2015 – Artful Way

Red Hills 2015

Red Hills 2015

Red Hills 2015 - Last Fence

Red Hills 2015 – Last Fence

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