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Learning from some of the best Thoroughbred trainers in the industry, I confidently recognize talented Thoroughbreds and offer them for purchase as competition horses for Eventing, Dressage, and Jumping. Our American Thoroughbreds have raced throughout the Northeastern United States. I emphasize that our Thoroughbreds are horses I know personally – some that I may have broken and galloped. Therefore, I have a genuine love and interest in the horse’s well-being. Compatibility between prospective owners and horses will be determined via a pre-qualifying process.  – Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm

Price Ranges:

  • A) 10K & Below
  • B) 10K – 20K
  • C) 20K – 30K
  • D) 30K & Above

Eor The Terrific


Eor The Terrific

Eor The Terrific (Louis) is a 2011 Thoroughbred gelding, gray with black points, currently standing slightly at 17.2+ hands (and growing). Impressively bred by Fort Prado, out of Tammy Terrific.

3/14/2015 – Louis has been schooling really well, becoming stronger through his topline and is starting to carry himself on the flat. He shows impressive style in his frame and his progress continues to grow. He is also getting accustom to larger fences and continues to have a lovely mind-set.


3/14/2015 Working well on the flat


3/14/2015 Learning to go round into the bridle from my leg


3/14/2015 Working through a grid


3/14/2015 Lands balanced and canters away


3/14/2015 Louis learning to challenge himself

2/6/2015 – Since transitioning from the track, Louis has been growing, filling out and learning the basics of walk/trot/canter and now small cross rails. A priority of mine when teaching ex-race horses are for them to understand my leg commands and what is means to go freely FORWARD from my leg at all gaits. Head set and going ’round’ in the bridle will come in time.


Thoroughbred Sire Fort Prado

Sire Fort Prado:

With only 4 starts at the track, Louis has left the starting gates behind him and is now at the farm making the transition over into a show horse. His size and temperament will be the right ingredients for Eventing, Show Jumping or Dressage.


Eor The Terrific – January 2015


‘Louis’ – 4 year old Thoroughbred


Ground covering gaits – Oct. 2014

Louis is a big horse all around, with very clean and tight legs, good weight and size 3 shoes. Very level headed, low maintenance, and no spook.


Louie is willing and able

Never naughty or fresh, enjoys our work together and is a horse I look forward to riding everyday. Being brought along slowly and currently working over poles and a variety of different terrains.


Beautiful Eventing Prospect

Louis is a superstar in the making. He is the most gentle youngster we have had in the barn and has a curious nature investigating things. He loves to put his head into your chest so you can stick your fingers in his ears to rub and scratch.

Priced in B Bracket.

Price Reduced 3/16/2015

Cruz’s price has been reduced, and this is an incredible opportunity for someone to purchase a lovely gentleman at a figure well below his market value. He is sound, sane and sensible. $10K Firm


Cruz Control – January 2015

6/20/2014 XC School Poplar Place:

6/20/2014 XC School Poplar Place:

Cruz Control (Cruz), 2000 Thoroughbred gelding standing at 15.2 hands. Sired by Larrupin’ and out of Vany’s Approval.


Cruz Control – January 2015


Cruz Control – January 2015


Cruz Control – Schoolmaster Jan. 2015


Cruz schooling at Little Kentucky Farm


Lovely mover on the flat

Cruz started racing from 2003 – 2005, then began Eventing in 2005. Has competed from Beginner Novice through Preliminary, and excels at the lower levels. He also has talent for Amateur Jumpers and has spent many hours on the trails. Heading out to point-to-points and hunter paces is definitely a favorite thing to do.


Show Jumping in Texas


Cruz Control – July 2014

Experienced 1st Level competitor and schooling 2nd Level movements. Comfortable gaits with rocking horse canter. Scores 8’s-9’s for walk, canter and square halts.


Cruz Control – July 2014

Jumping is where Cruz shines. He absolutely loves jumping, and is careful and tidy over fences.


Cruz Control – July 2014


Cruz Control – July 2014

Cruz takes guidance and direction from his rider.  He is careful not to touch a fence, and does well with a rider who has a good leg. This is an opportunity for a lady or young person who dreams of competing in Eventing on a horse who is quiet and relaxed in the Dressage. Very well behaved, sweetheart personality, super ride for a 9 to 5 office professional. Very nice horse to compete in a full format 3-Day. Cruz could also go straight Dressage or be competitive in Show Jumping.

Cruz Control – Kentucky Horse Park

Schoolmaster mount who brings so much to the table, and does a little of everything with class and style.

Priced in A Bracket.

Contact Zeb Fry at or 404-202-4935 if you are interested in any of these horses.

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