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I have been with Thoroughbreds all my life, where I have learned from some of the best Thoroughbred trainers in the industry. It’s here I confidently recognize talented horses and offer them for purchase as competition horses for Eventing, Dressage, and Jumping. Our horses are quality American Thoroughbreds who have raced at prestigious tracks in the Northeastern United States. I emphasize that our Thoroughbreds are horses I know personally – some that I may have broken and galloped. Therefore I have a genuine love and interest in the horse’s well-being. Compatibility between prospective owners and horses is determined via a pre-qualifying process. My approach and selection of American Thoroughbreds has established a solid reputation for fair and honest representation.  – Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm

 Amateur Friendly – Cruz Control

Though he be but little, he is fierce – William Shakespeare

Dressage School:

5/23/2014 Short Jump School:

6/14/2014 Jump School at the farm:

6/20/2014 XC School Poplar Place:

6/20/2014 XC School Poplar Place:


Cruz Control – May 2014

Cruz conformation right

Cruz Control, May 2014

Name: Cruz Control                                                                                                                     D.O.B: 2000                                                                                                                              Height: 15.2                                                                                                                                 Breed: Thoroughbred                                                                                                                  Sire: Larrupin’                                                                                                                              Dam: Vany’s Approval


Cruz Control – July 2014

History: Cruz was originally purchased by his owner from Little Kentucky Farm as a 5 year old, and has since been competing in Eventing up to Preliminary. Due to family commitments, the farm was asked to assist in marketing Cruz in Eventing, Jumpers and Dressage circuits. Cruz has Evented and Many hours ridden on trails either alone or in company.


Cruz Control – July 2014

Dressage: Experienced 1st Level competitor and schooling 2nd Level movements. Comfortable to ride in all gaits, smooth and responsive in transitions, very nice canter, competitive scores. Have received 8′s and 9′s on canter moves.


Cruz Control – July 2014


Cruz and Zeb schooling – June 2014


Cruz Control – July 2014

Temperament: Cruz has always been a quiet and dependable type. He will build any person’s confidence in the tack because he is honest and workmanlike. He has zero vices, lovely to work around in the barn, easy to handle, and is low-man on the totem pole with other horses.


Cruz Control – July 2014

Jumping: Cruz has experience at Preliminary Level Eventing, but is more comfortable and confident at Beginner Novice – Training Level. He is capable to compete at Preliminary, but requires a rider with a good leg and experience to finish well on a Preliminary cross-country course. Show Jumping is where he is extremely talented at 3’6″ – 3’9″, and is one of the easiest horses to navigate. His legs are tight and high over fences and he is careful not to drop a rail. Cruz could easily do straight Amateur Show Jumping.


Cruz Control – July 2014

Conformation: At 15.2 hands, Cruz is compact and light in bone and muscle. His conformation is correct and clean, with a short coupled back. He is athletic and nimble-footed and can produce competitive scores against the larger and heavier horses.

Suitability: This is an opportunity for a lady or young person who dreams of competing in low-level Eventing on a horse who is quiet and relaxed in the Dressage. Very well behaved, sweetheart personality, super ride for a 9 to 5 office professional and every parent’s dream horse.


Cruz Control – July 2014

Motivated seller to reasonable offers from serious inquiries only please – $24K – Call the farm at 404-202-4935 to schedule a test ride.


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