Q & A With Kelsey Byrnes of Devoucoux


 1) What was it that first attracted you to work for Devoucoux?

As a certified equine sports massage therapist, I was continually fixing sore horses from poor saddle fit and being asked my opinion on current saddle fit and which saddle is best for the horse. That lead me on the search for the most “horse friendly” saddle. Through my research I felt that Devoucoux was the company that really put the most thought, care, and research into developing saddles that truly worked for the horse by providing the most comfort possible to them. I was immediately attracted to Devoucoux’s passion for the equestrian sport and their ability to bring innovation into their products while holding true to the amazing craftsmanship that goes into every saddle they make.

2) What does being a Technical Advisor mean?

Being a technical advisor means I am an expert in saddle fit for the horse and rider. Devoucoux sends all new technical advisor to our headquarters in Biarritz, France for 3 weeks, where we received hands on training from Jean-Michel Devoucoux himself. While in France we visit the tannery where our leather is created, our research & development department, spend time in the workshop where all of our saddles are made, and visit local barns to learn about saddle fit. It is amazing to see passion and dedication everyone at Devoucoux has towards our products.


3) What 3 specific things makes Devoucoux tack stand out from the competition?

* Innovation
* Expertise
* Harmony created between horse and rider

4) Some horses are hard to fit due to conformation flaws. What can you do to try to find a good fitting saddle for those more difficult fittings?

When I am looking to make a saddle for a horse the first thing I do is evaluate the morphology of a horse. I always take their entire conformation into account but there are a few parts of their conformation that really play major roles in saddle fit and I focus on those parts. I carry a wide range of demo saddles in my car at all times along with fitting shims to be able to create the best fitting saddle no matter the conformation of the horse.


5) What custom services does Devoucoux offer?

Devoucoux offers a number of custom services. When building a saddle I always think of it as the top part of the saddle is for you, the rider, but the bottom part of the saddle is for your horse. So, for the rider we first pick the correct size seat and seat type, then we find the correct flap length/forwardness. For the horse I create a panel and girthing system that is going to bring them the most comfort and work best for their morphology.

We also offer multiple leather options to choose from. In our double flap saddles; grain calf, grain buffalo, full calf skin, and full buffalo. For our mono flap saddles we offer full calf skin or full buffalo. After you decide on your leather preference you can choose the color you would like that leather in; Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black.
If you would like to go even more custom we also offer different color options for saddle accents that are fun and really make the saddle stand out.


6) Where can people go to try saddles?

You don’t have to go anywhere, I come to you! Most appointments take place at your barn, but I also go to shows almost every weekend and am available for fitting appointments on site. Fitting appointments are always free and really fun!

7) What does someone do if they need repairs for their Devoucoux tack?

Devoucoux has two repairs shops in the US, one in New York and the other in California.
If you need repairs done on saddles or tack please contact me and I will get your tack sent to one of those workshops to get repaired. Also, if you already own a Devoucoux and want the fit checked on your horse I am happy to check that for you.


8) What is your contact info?

Cell phone: 334-717-1960
Email: k.byrnes@devoucoux.com
Facebook: Kelsey Byrnes – Devoucoux Technical Advisor
Instagram: Devoucoux.al.ga

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