More Cowbell and Matti Ready For 2017

It’s  an interesting story how More Cowbell and Matti Burns came into each other’s lives.


It started with a phone call from a parent researching horses to purchase for their daughter. I remember I was competing at Poplar Place Farm with More Cowbell (Benny) when my cell phone rang. Nancy (Matti’s mother) inquired about Benny and I went through my usual vetting questions to see if they qualified in being a possible buyer.

We had a good conversation, but Matti was young and inexperienced with green Thoroughbreds, so I suggested they look at more seasoned horses elsewhere. I could hear Nancy’s surprise in her voice when I turned her away.

Fast forward 2 months later, I’m at Chattahoochee Hills with Benny at his Training Level debute, and my phone rang at stabling. It was Nancy.


“Zeb we’ve been following you and Benny for months. Everything points to you and your horses. It’s a strange attribute you have as a trainer and seller to turn away a buyer, and be so honest about your horses. I appreciate that and its a rare trait in the horse world.”

We continued to talk over details and logistics. Nancy and Matti bought Benny as I was driving down Interstate 285 going home to the farm. It was a risky agreement for both sides, and I know we would all agree that we are so very blessed that Matti and Benny’s relationship has grown into something that all riders young and old dream about.


When Benny left for Massachusetts, he was a dapple grey. It’s been a couple years and he has lost most of those dapples, but within that time, I’ve got to watch Matti and Benny turn into a complete success in Show Jumping and Eventing. I’m proud that More Cowbell was a Little Kentucky Farm Thoroughbred. Together Matti and Benny are going to have so many more beautiful moments together.


GO More Cowbell! GO Matti! GO Thoroughbred!

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