Saying Hello to 2019 Season

The 2018 season is quietly coming to an end, and it was a great year for the farm and the horses. Eor The Terrific seems to have graduated from Junior High and has gone straight to Graduate School over the last few months.  I can feel a change in him too as I ride. I’ve got a horse who feels confident and forward to the fences. His mental focus has gotten better and he doesn’t become as distracted as when he was a 5 year old.

zeb and lou poplar place nov18

Lou also has stayed his happy-self as our workload has increased and things have become more technical. That is so important to have continue because often horses can do the opposite as the pressure increases to perform.


We accomplished a lot for 2018 and had some great wins. I’m as optimistic as ever for 2019. It will continue to be a work in progress; but as long as I love what I do, how can I consider it work?


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