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Our American Thoroughbreds have raced throughout the Northeastern United States. I emphasize that our Thoroughbreds are horses I know personally – some that I may have broken and galloped. Therefore, I have a genuine love and interest in the horse’s well-being and compatibility between prospective owners and horses will be determined via a pre-qualifying process.  – Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm



Cape Kimberly (Bella) – $15,000

***April 2019 – Update: Fertility and soundness exam performed confirming excellent results and rating as highly qualified broodmare prospect and competition teammate. Will flex clean and has clean vital signs.***

Serious upper level prospect ‘Cape Kimberly’ (barn name Bella), by Fort Prado – out of Charlotte’s Cape. Currently 16.1 hands and growing (likely to max 16.2). Sane and sound, top drawer pedigree, 1 career start in 2018.

Solid conformation with solid big feet, beautiful manners (sweetheart personality), very uphill, comfortable and fluffy gaits. Zero vices, responsive, athletic, forward and determined (always gives 110%).

She is an eager type who prefers a job. So far with her training and temperament, the more interesting or complex the lesson, the quieter she becomes. Bella seems to look for something to do as if she is on a mission with a can-do temperament.

Very respectful in hand and under saddle. Voice commands, neck reins, rein backs and perfect halts. Ground covering gaits, lifts up through ribcage and lovely natural engagement.

Suitable for a professional or experienced amateur with educated hands. Bella has one of the softest mouths around.

Impressive youngster and will be competitive for Eventing, Show Jumping, Young Event Horse, Dressage.




Bella first time jumping. She is nimble footed and athletic.  She doesn’t hesitate and stays in a steady balanced tempo before and after the fence.


I went with my gut and placed 9′ ground poles in front of the 2’6″ fence. We picked up a quiet canter and I left her alone so she could process it herself. She was AMAZING!  Everything about that morning went perfect and my mind went into forecasting Bella’s future. The immediate thing I noticed was that as the fence got bigger and more solid, the better she jumped, the better she concentrated and the more quieter she became. These are the qualities you want for a serious competitor.


I honestly believed she easily could have gone bigger with jumping, but I had to remind myself this was her first time jumping and to not get too excited and overdue it.  Bella truly enjoyed herself with a sense of confidence and accomplishment I got from her. I honestly feel that she is exactly the type of horse who will save her rider should they get into a bad jump.

Bella has athleticism, movement, intelligence, and scope a professional or advanced rider will appreciate and enjoy loving this girl in their barn.

Photos by Leslie Threlkeld.

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