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Our American Thoroughbreds have raced throughout the Northeastern United States. I emphasize that our Thoroughbreds are horses I know personally – some that I may have broken and galloped. Therefore, I have a genuine love and interest in the horse’s well-being and compatibility between prospective owners and horses will be determined via a pre-qualifying process.  – Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm


Guideline for purchasing

  • The farm requests CURRENT riding videos/photos of purchaser, videos/photos of purchaser’s farm (barn, stall, turnout).
  • 12% deposit is required before Prepurchase exams. It is advisable to leave a deposit at the time of visit. The exam must be scheduled within 24 hours of placing deposit. Horses will not be ‘held’ unless there is a deposit. Prepurchase exams to be scheduled and paid by purchaser either with a local vet or personal vet. Deposits are only refunded AFTER the exam has been taken and if the results are UNSATISFACTORY.
  • Exams are done only on the farm property, and to be scheduled from Monday through Thursday. Do not schedule an exam on a holiday week because you risk not receiving results in a timely manner. All horses are to be paid in full 24 hours after accepted prepurchase exam.
  • There is a DAY FEE of $30/day until time of pick up. This is for stall, bedding, feed, hay, supplements and labor, full care until time of pick up. Upon pick up, buyer is responsible to supply full hay net, deep bedding on trailer floor, halter and lead. Farm can supply these items at full retail cost. ($50 hay net with hay, $10/bag pine shavings, $45 halter, $25 lead)
  • No trials – No trades – No sponsorships

Frankie O’Prado – $18,000

2019 Thoroughbred gelding by Paddy O’Prado, currently standing 16.1 hands and growing (likely to top off at 16.2 hands). This youngster is an extremely rare find and very valuable, especially since the passing of Paddy O’Prado at the young age of 11 years.

Frankie is what can be considered as a “pasture find”. He never raced and has never gone through race training. He is an absolute blank canvas with a gentle demeanor and affectionate personality and loads of talent. He’s clean inside and out, with zero blemishes.

Currently in training for a future in Eventing, but with a youngster like this, anything is possible for a wonderful future in any direction. Zero vices and zero blemishes with recorded clean x-rays on file.

Updates will be ongoing as Frankie is in training. I’d like to see him go to a professional or a very serious and talented amateur rider.











Coach E – SOLD

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On Wings Of Glory – SOLD

Beechers Brook – Sold

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Mikey – SOLD

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Stay Gold – SOLD

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Lieutenant Dan – SOLD

The Quiet Man – SOLD

Scotland Yard – SOLD

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Crooked Kiss – SOLD

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Sandburgs Remorse – SOLD

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Isabella – SOLD

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Backinthefuture – SOLD

Carmen – SOLD

Good Kid – SOLD

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