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Our American Thoroughbreds have raced throughout the Northeastern United States. I emphasize that our Thoroughbreds are horses I know personally – some that I may have broken and galloped. Therefore, I have a genuine love and interest in the horse’s well-being and compatibility between prospective owners and horses will be determined via a pre-qualifying process.  – Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm


Betsy – Gorgeous Body & Soul


2012 Thoroughbred filly by Fort Prado, out of Ava Mae. Standing 16.1 hands with substantial bone, weight and impressive overall appearance that is eye catching.


Fort Prado



Last raced on 7/12/2016, and retired with only 3 races. She never showed enough speed and is transitioning to the show world with a clean body and sound mind. Developing well on the flat, while starting trot and canter work over ground poles. Proving to have a mature and willing brain.


Betsy is a beautiful prospect who is eligible for T.I.P., and Young Event Horse series. A super horse for an experienced amateur, for example a woman who is ‘getting back into riding’.  Priced $9200, and includes 30 days full training board.



8/6/2016 –
8/6/2016 –
8/6/2016 –

Deanie – Trained in Natural Horsemanship


2013 Thoroughbred filly by Nobel Causeway, out of Paloma B. Currently standing 15.3 hands, and still growing. Very elegant with the look of a future Eventer. Deanie has had many hours training in Natural Horsemanship.

8/22/2016 Canter work:

An excellent student under saddle. Stands quietly while being mounted at mounting block, balanced square halts, rein backs with only a neck strap, leg yielding, and responds well to canter leads. Working over poles and tarp and proves to have a willing and quiet demeanor. Doesn’t get rattled and is very inquisitive.


Nobel Causeway


4 career starts and retired from racing July 2016 and is transitioning into the show world with a sound body and mind. Deanie is another beautiful young Thoroughbred who is perfect for an experienced amateur to bring along. She is an excellent candidate for Future Event Horse, Young Event Horse and eligible for T.I.P.

If you’re a lady looking to bring along a quiet and well started Thoroughbred, then Deanie is a very strong candidate. Priced $9200, and includes 30 day full training board.



Eor The Terrific

2011, 17.3 hands, sired by Fort Prado, retired sound from racing in September 2014 and is currently competing at Novice Level Eventing.


Excellent dressage scores from 20’s to low 30’s, with an excellent demeanor in the arena. Always a professional with zero vices.


A one of a kind horse with talent for Eventing or straight Dressage. Serious inquiries only. PRIVATE TREATY inquiry.

SOLD Little Kentucky Farm Horses


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