Hidden Treasures With Deanie


Our new sale prospect Deanie may only be 3 years old with 4 career starts, but she is also like an onion with many layers of talent that I’ve been peeling back with each ride. She understands voice commands, neck reins, does easy rein backs using the breastplate, and knows leg yields. Her canter work is quiet nice too! Watch a recent video posting on the HORSES FOR SALE page.

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It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

When my young prospects leave the track behind them and begin a new life as a show horse, there are many things I take into account for each individual horse.  Their physical make-up and their level of intelligence tells me where to begin their training transformation and how much I can challenge them. If it’s too much, we slow things down a bit and back off and then gradually build up to more interesting and difficult tasks.


The photo above was taken the Fall of 2014 of Eor The Terrific (Louis) when he was a few days away from the track. He was 3 years old, 17.3 hands and one of the biggest Thoroughbreds I’ve had the pleasure to own with size 3 feet. I had and still have A LOT OF HORSE to work with. Due to his size and body development, I work a lot on stamina, flexibility and learning how to lengthen and shorten his gaits with half-halts. It takes work and repetition, and we are starting to see the pay offs.


Now at 5 years of age, he’s really been one of the nicest horses I’ve ever had the honor to ride. He’s getting better and better, sometimes by inches and sometimes by miles.


When I talk to people about my prospects to purchase, I always remind them that the payoff isn’t overnight. It take works. It take time. It takes money. It takes dedication. It takes love. It’s totally worth it. . .  I swear.

GO Lou!  GO Thoroughbred!


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3 Weeks After Leaving

We’ve added 3 YouTube links of Betsy on the HORSES FOR SALE page. It’s only been 3 weeks since leaving the track, and she has been living up to her proud Fort Prado bloodlines. She’s certainly a rising star. She is sister to my Louis and shows the exact same temperament and class. For those of you who drooled over Lou, you can do the same with Betsy and have her for your own. She is at a super price that includes 30 days full training board.





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For Sale – Deanie

2013 Thoroughbred filly by Nobel Causeway. She has an incredible mind, very mature and extremely easy going. Not much rattles this girl, and much of it is contributed to her Natural Horsemanship training while she was running.


All prospect prices include 30 days full training board. It gives the Thoroughbreds the chance to begin their transitions smoothly and to get into a training routine. It is a valuable opportunity that we are happy to offer our buyers!


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Exciting Prospects For Sale!

We are pleased to have 2 new prospects here at the farm who have just retired from racing and are absolutely stunning. Both are eligible for the T.I.P, Future Event Horse and Young Event Horse competitions and awards.

The first of many photo shoots with Sarah Bush Design, was done today in the hot Georgia sun, and the fillies behaved like old pros. They are both for sale with 30 days full training board.


For more information, go to HORSES FOR SALE  page. Call Zeb Fry 404-202-4935 for serious inquiries.

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Prospects Arriving

New Thoroughbred prospects will be coming home mid-July. Prices start at $8200 and includes 30 days full board and full training. Lovely Thoroughbreds will be super candidates for the Young Event Horse and Future Event Horse series. Inquiries can contact the farm at littlekentucky@windstream.net and also private messaging on Facebook.

Zeb at Poplar (27 of 97)

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Happiness Comes in Big Packages

Early this Spring, we prepared ourselves to say “good-bye” to Louis and for him to be shipped up north to his new home. But due to unforeseen circumstances, and maybe a bit of luck, it came to be that Lou has made Little Kentucky Farm his home-sweet-home. Stranger things have happened and when I think I’ve experienced everything there is in the horse world, I’m instantly reminded that I haven’t.

So on to a new chapter in my life with the ‘Elephante’, and how my heart actually sings when he looks out his stall window, spots me walking to the barn on the gravel drive and he calls out to me. Where are the cameras and the Hollywood director shouting, “ACTION!” ?

Louis’ scores are super and his confidence and athleticism is maturing each day. His latest highlight was finishing on his dressage score of 28 and going home in the blue.

LouisZebDressHTMay2016 I firmly believe there is a reason for everything, and not saying our farewell to each other was one of them. It’s been a tough few months for me after losing my dad and Heathcliff. With Lou in the barn, I can forget about the sadness and listen for the neigh as I walk to the barn each morning. He’s a big hunk of happiness.


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