Stall Opening


Stall opening for full board, consignment, long-short term training. Price starts at $600 to $1200.  Discounted rate for full board in exchange for occasional barn help.

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Beautiful Prospects For Sale

We are so pleased with the steady progress of the new girls (who we’ve dubbed as the Cheerleading Squad). Since leaving their racing careers, they’ve changed quiet a bit and are developing new muscles, growing taller and having fun experiencing new things.


They’re worked each day in short bursts lasting about 30 minutes, and always ending on a positive and relaxed attitude.


Go to the HORSES FOR SALE page to see all the new photos and the listings of available Thoroughbreds.

This week we got to work with photographer Aly Rattazzi of Jasper, GA. Aly specializes in Equine photography and pretty much anything else she can put in front of her lens. She is a horseman herself, which is an added benefit because she understands movement and timing and catches each horse at their best.

Aly has also been published in many magazines, including the Quarter Horse Journal and United States Eventing Association publication. To contact Aly for a scheduled shoot, call 678-654-3628.


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Thoroughbred Incentive Program

All of the farm’s Thoroughbreds are registered with the Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (also known as T.I.P.)


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It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

When my young prospects leave the track behind them and begin a new life as a show horse, there are many things I take into account for each individual horse.  Their physical make-up and their level of intelligence tells me where to begin their training transformation and how much I can challenge them. If it’s too much, we slow things down a bit and back off and then gradually build up to more interesting and difficult tasks.


The photo above was taken the Fall of 2014 of Eor The Terrific (Louis) when he was a few days away from the track. He was 3 years old, 17.3 hands and one of the biggest Thoroughbreds I’ve had the pleasure to own with size 3 feet. I had and still have A LOT OF HORSE to work with. Due to his size and body development, I work a lot on stamina, flexibility and learning how to lengthen and shorten his gaits with half-halts. It takes work and repetition, and we are starting to see the pay offs.


Now at 5 years of age, he’s really been one of the nicest horses I’ve ever had the honor to ride. He’s getting better and better, sometimes by inches and sometimes by miles.


When I talk to people about my prospects to purchase, I always remind them that the payoff isn’t overnight. It take works. It take time. It takes money. It takes dedication. It takes love. It’s totally worth it. . .  I swear.

GO Lou!  GO Thoroughbred!


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Farm Jackets & Caps


The jackets and caps have been really popular with Thoroughbred lovers. Caps are one size fits all and the soft-shell jackets are a lady’s fit. Whatever size you normally wear, order one size up because the cut of the jacket is form fitting. Jackets $75, Caps $25. Email the farm with your order at



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A Sunday Visit From Devoucoux

Devoucoux Southeast Regional Rep. Sam Johnston droved into the farm, packed down with gorgeous saddles, stirrups, leathers and great insight. We enjoyed discussing correctly fitting our different shaped Thoroughbreds in order to maximize their individual performance and comfort.


What has always been an ongoing detail for us at the farm, is being able to fit and adjust the many pieces of equipment to the assorted Thoroughbreds. The horses are young, different conformations, and at different stages of their training and physical development. The tack needs hold up to the ever changing muscles, and that’s where Sam stepped in.


With Eor The Terrific in particular, I wanted a saddle that was going to fit his shoulder blades and allow for their freedom to rotate with every step he takes. At 17.3 hands, he is short coupled for his size, and although he has topped out in height, he is constantly developing muscle mass as his workload increases.

We tried a few choice saddles and quickly agreed that the Devoucoux Loreak was the perfect fit for the both of us.


Little Kentucky Farm is excited to partner up with Sam Johnston of Devoucoux Southeast, and continue to make Thoroughbreds stand out as top quality athletes. Thank you Sam for the visit and we look forward in seeing you soon!

I am also very fortunate to have a multi-talented artist here at the farm, Sarah Bush of Sarah Bush Designs, who snapped a few shots during Sam’s visit. Thank you Sarah for taking time out of your day.

DevoLogoFor information on scheduling Sam Johnston to come to you and your horse, please contact Sam at 214-690-3748 or visit Devoucoux Southeast Regional on Facebook.


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NEW! Novelty Act

SOLD – We came home yesterday from another successful trip and Novelty Act (aka Dean) decided to hop on the rig and join us in Georgia. Dean is a 2011 gelding by Nobiz Like Shobiz, and is an excellent choice for someone wanting a Thoroughbred for the show world, Retired Racehorse Project and Young Event Horse series.



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