Georgio aims to please


At The Grande has been home for a month, and is such a lovely steady sort. I’ve told everyone that he is a clean slate and can go in any direction. I can certainly see him multi-task and be and accomplished Eventer. The weather in Georgia has been temperamental with high winds, freezing rain, snow and ice, so I’ve only had a handful of conservative rides on Georgio. We’ve been hacking out mostly and teaching off his back. He has a wonderful mature brain and always a gentleman. His gaits are lovely and smooth and he has a canter that feels like you’re sitting on a rocking chair. Video clips are posted on Facebook and we will begin jump school with him in the near future.

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Father & Son

Ashford Stud lost Grand Slam in 2012 to heart failure. And somewhere in the corner of my mind, it makes At The Grande even more special.


Grand Slam


At The Grande




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At The Grande Photo Shoot

When I can schedule Leslie Threlkeld to drive in all the way from North Carolina for a photo shoot, I get excited and anticipate the day I hear her car drive down the gravel road. That means I bathe the model the day before, braid, and get all the stuff ready to make a horse perk up those unpredictable ears!


At The Grande (Georgio) didn’t have the best of weather, as the temperature was in the 30’s and a nice gusty wind froze our fingers and poor Georgio’s tush. But I have to admit, for a 4 year old who finished his last race in October, he is one cool dude.

The photos are lovely and display his excellent form and spirit.  They’re posted on the HORSES FOR SALE page.

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Uphill – Sporty – Charming

New sale horse At The Grande (Georgio) has had a trace clip, racing plates off and new shoes on, and a photo shoot with Leslie Threlkeld. Photos will be posted early this week on the web site and on Facebook.  He is absolutely fabulous and fancy, fancy, fancy. Georgio can go in any direction, but because I’m an Eventer, he will start training for Eventing.


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SOLD Prince Neff

A heartfelt congratulations goes to Kirstin Murphy of Longview Farm in Alabama on the purchase of Prince Neff. Kirstin comes from ‘Equestrian Royalty’ (google Dennis Murphy), and she plans on campaigning Eddie in the Retired Racehorse Project 2018.



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More Cowbell’s 3rd Career!


Thoroughbreds are incredible athletes who are multi-talented. More Cowbell’s first career began at the racetrack, then eventually found himself competing in Horse Trials. 7 years later together, both ‘Benny’ and Matti Burns found their true passion in the Jumper world.

Congratulations to former LKF Thoroughbred on fantastic placings during the Tryon International Fall CS15 competition. 1st, 2nd for speed rounds and 9th in the Jumper Classic. Their weekend finished as Reserve Champions in the High Adult Jumpers overall.

GO Thoroughbred!

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Something to be Said . . .

Indeed there is something to be said about a tall, dark and handsome gentleman. Today marks 30 days since Prince Neff’s last winning race. As he has been adjusting to his new career away from the track, he has had me in deep thought. Many words come to mind to try to describe him such as, ‘soulful’, ‘wise’, ‘gentlemanly’….and many more.

Prince NeffFreeTrotOct172017

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