The Elephant in The Barn

Whether it is at the track or on a farm, locating dependable help is rare and a well-known elephant in the room, or should I say “barn” among employers. I’m not trying to speak for everyone when I write this, but I honestly believe there is a commonality many have experienced more than once and is very relatable. Who knows, maybe some will appreciate someone finally admitting to the elephant in the barn.

Dearest barn employee throughout the globe (near and far), who think you don’t have to show up on time for work – – – sorry, but you do.

For those who believe they can do 90% shitty work and continue sliding-by, believing you’re entitled to $15/hour – – – guess what, you’re not.

For those who say they can groom, tack, hold, lead, doctor a horse correctly – – – please, don’t lie to me.

To anyone who feels insulted or disrespected when your boss has to micromanage and call you out on your lack of work ethic – – – too bad for you darlin’.

When your employer has to pick up your slack and do 95% of the work, while you’re still on (1) stall, you are a feckless wonder – – – Look up the word feckless.

If you think you’re not replaceable and your employer should first be your friend – – – you’re wrong because you are. . . and we are not your friend.

This declaration only points out a handful of delightful horse-shit employers have to go through. To employees, I guarantee what you do in life has a direct consequence to your future.

Just think of the money someone won’t earn due to their irresponsibility. . . that means no money to feed yourself, pay your mortgage, have your car repaired or take a dream trip to Ecuador.

Finally in closing to fellow employers near and far, I’m not stating anything new that we all haven’t experienced a few times, right? It’s pitiful, disappointing and slightly comical because it comes with the territory when there’s a lack of work ethics and pride in doing good work for excellent pay.

But take heart friends, as Scarlett O’Hara said, “After all tomorrow’s another day.”

When it Begins to Pay Off

Hot Traffic (Mikey) has been steadily proving his natural talent on the flat and now with today’s introduction to jumping. He has the right attitude in his schooling and is enjoying himself in the process.

I like to begin jump school on the lunge line and allow youngsters to think and move on their own. Not having a rider on their backs gives them the opportunity to think independently and stay better balanced.

I continue to use trot poles weekly and keep building their footwork and muscle. With today’s wonderful results, I’m also confident that our next jump school will be in the tack. Brick by brick . . . and its starting to pay off.

New Youngsters

As tracks around the northeast begin to close and summer meets end, its always a terrific time to see our new arrivals here on the farm in Ball Ground, GA. They’re fresh off the track and in transition from their racing careers to promising sporthorses.

We also provide training for clients who purchase our horses.

2 new show prospects are now listed on the HORSES FOR SALE page. They’re geldings by the same sire Cross Traffic of Spendthrift Farm in Kentucky.

So Long Turfway

Greg and I arrived home to Georgia with prospects, and they are beginning their transition from racehorse to sport horse at Little Kentucky Farm. They’re by the same sire (Cross Traffic of Spendthrift Farm), and although by the same sire, they’re quite different in size, look and temperament. I think they will have a lot to offer to anyone looking for quality top drawer Thoroughbreds to compete in the sport horse arena.

It was nice to go back to my old stomping ground. The racetrack is in complete renovation mode and construction is spread out. I almost didn’t recognize it. It will be amazing once its finished and should offer a lot of employment to the community.

Hot Traffic – 5 yr old, 16.3 hands
Puddle Jumper – 3 yr old, 15.1 hands

These boys are super quality prospects, who will begin the process of transitioning here on the farm. Photos, videos and updates of their progress will always be on the farm website and the Little Kentucky Farm facebook page. Please check back often and sale information will be posted on the HORSES FOR SALE page soon.

A Girl and a Racehorse

The farm became fast friends with the Garner family when they first contacted the us about ‘In The Chamber’ (aka Kyle), and we’ve stayed in touch ever since the trailer slowly rolled through the gates. Olivia is over the moon in love and Kyle is enjoying learning how to jump. He is living a luxurious life on the Kathy’s farm in southern Georgia. Who are the Kathys you ask? Well none other than the family who make some of the best chicken nuggets and waffle fries on the planet . . . Chik-Fil-A!

Life is good for Kyle and it’s certainly an incredible journey he has had throughout. We wish Olivia and Kyle many happy journeys together.

Hello Gorgeous!

In The Chamber (Kyle)

Congratulations to the Garner family with their newest son In The Chamber (Kyle). Olivia Garner and Kyle had an immediate connection and she has been dreaming of this day. Her immediate plans are to take things slow and build their relationship. Olivia has already made friends with the other “Fort Prado Club” members and it will be quite a spectacle when all the siblings are together at horse trials and clinics!

In The Chamber (Kyle)

It’s a Zen Thing

Congratulations to Aubrey Eisenman on her new partnership with A Giant View (Zenny). I can confidently say its a match made in heaven and together there is nothing stopping them. Ya’ll better get use to sitting in the Winner’s Circle!

A Giant View (Zen)

Getting The Hang of it

After doing all my homework and and waiting until A Giant View (Zen) was physically and mentally prepared to jump, this is the result. He is lovely to work with and is uncomplicated. He’s perfect for a professional or serious amateur wanting to develop and campaign a future heavy hitter. He could easily be a competitive Thoroughbred in the Young Event Horse competitions. More details on HORSES FOR SALE page.

The Grey Pony

I didn’t understand it back then. The phone call last night finally put the pieces together for me after nearly 40 years.

She introduced herself as “Billie. I’m the lady who bought your grey pony.”

Push the rewind button in my head and I’m sitting on a beautiful grey pony bareback riding down a dirt road. I can hear my own laughter and clip-clopping hooves, as I’d leave the farm and be gone for hours without a care in the world.

Sharr-Mae and I were a tough team to beat. I did everything with her, from 4-H, Pony Club, Western, English, Hunter-Jumper and Halter classes. And we won everything from local to regional competitions. She was kind, sweet and was simply my best friend. She was my rock during some tough times as a kid and I loved her dearly. But as I grew taller, my mother decided Sharr-Mae needed to give another little girl the chance to compete.

Push the fast forward button to January 2021 with me standing in my kitchen in Georgia when my phone rang. The voice on the other end wanted to let me know how loved and greatly cared for Sharr-Mae was, and that she hoped it would give me comfort in knowing that they had the grey pony in their lives for nearly 44 years. She wanted me to know that Sharr-Mae gave so much to her daughter Margie through the years, and now that Margie is a mother herself, was able to be there for Margie’s daughter to safely sit on.

As many already know about me, as an adult in the business of selling Thoroughbreds, its not easy buying a horse from me. Looking back, I guess I now know why. Having your friend suddenly leave and finding their empty stall without much of an understanding is tough for a young person. But how fortunate am I to have answered my phone yesterday, only to discover the grey pony continued for years to bring happiness.

I finally understand and can place the missing piece of the puzzle where it belongs. Thank you Billie for calling, and thank you Margie for loving our grey pony.

New Video of A Giant View

Go to HORSES FOR SALE page to see new video posts of sale prospect ‘A Giant View’ (Zenny). He looks amazing. Soon we’ll post under saddle videos and hope to pop him over some fences. A talented youngster who is being brought along slowly and is proving to be athletic, sweetheart temperament and certainly eye-catching.