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Successful Schooling at Home

In the beginning stages of my young horses, I start working them over trot poles before I ask them to jump a fence. It’s an easy exercise to help balance, coordinate, concentrate and strengthen their muscles and mental awareness. It also doesn’t pound on… Continue Reading “Successful Schooling at Home”

Less is Definitely More

The season has started out super for Eor The Terrific (aka Louis) and I. We’ve certainly done and continue to do our homework with specific coaches (Harrison Ford, Kyle Carter, Michael Pollard and Daniel Sarango). I also took a look at the equipment I… Continue Reading “Less is Definitely More”

Pure Class & Beauty

Now that Watch Me Smok’em (Stevie) has turned 4 years old, its time to focus on muscle development, footwork and jump lessons. Its been an extremely wet (daily heavy rains and flooding) here in Georgia and there always must be a Plan B to… Continue Reading “Pure Class & Beauty”

SOLD – Shez A Queenie

Congratulations to Erin Sylvester of ESEventing and her team of supporters on their purchase of Shez A Queenie (aka Q). This Thoroughbred is a gorgeous mover, has a sweetheart temperament and will be very competitive together with Erin.

It’s Official

We do all management care of our Thoroughbreds (teeth, farrier, vaccinations, etc.). This includes microchipping the horses and registering the chip’s serial number with the Jockey Club.  

The Watered-Down Thoroughbred

The term “watered-down” is an adjective that means ‘diluted with water’ or to be more precise as it relates to this article, ‘altered so as to be weaker in force, content or value’. I place an emphasis on quality. What can weaken the American… Continue Reading “The Watered-Down Thoroughbred”

Must Pass The Vet!

Reprinted with permission from author Clare Mansmann. Click on the link to read what a Pre-Purchase Exam REALLY is meant to do. Must Pass PPE

Learning To Fly

Shez A Queenie (Q) tried her ability in a jump shoot today. It was set low and approachable. She took to it like a duck takes to water! Video is on the HORSES FOR SALE page.

Birthdays Are Approaching

January 1st is the date for all registered Thoroughbreds to turn a year older. The tattoo under the upper lip signifies the date of birth and the Jockey Club registration number.

Tis The Season

This time of year doesn’t slow down on the farm. I continue to train for competitions for the upcoming season and the young sale prospects begin learning more technical footwork.  Trot poles, cantering pole distances and small fences. Updates will include photos and videos… Continue Reading “Tis The Season”