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2 Stall Openings for Sale or Training

The Georgia farm currently has 2 stalls open for Consignment Sales and Training. First class daily management, training and marketing. Inquire about the 10% discount offer on board. For details please go to Board & Training Services page for full details.

Fresh Updates on Sale Page

Our Breeches Bursting with Pride

As a 3 year old Cape Kimberly (Bella) ran only 1 time before we brought her home. For some horses, the sights and sounds of the track can be overwhelming. Just because a horse is a Thoroughbred, doesn’t mean they’re meant to race. Bella… Continue Reading “Our Breeches Bursting with Pride”

Wing-Tip Shoes

A glimpse by Z. Fry He seemed to have appeared from out of nowhere, when I looked up from the racing form. An old man slowly walked down the shed row of horses, petting each horse on the neck and stroking their noses. His… Continue Reading “Wing-Tip Shoes”

The Phonebooth

This ‘glimpse’ was written by John Bourke, who is a Thoroughbred race trainer, breeder, owner and an all- around great horseman. How many times did he drive past this retired box and thought to himself what that phone must have meant to so many… Continue Reading “The Phonebooth”

Not All Thoroughbreds Are Racehorses

Our newest farm member is a promising, well-bred youngster who never set a hoof on a racetrack. Transitioning a Thoroughbred from the track to training for the show world is relatively easy. Why is that? With young Thoroughbreds whose futures are designed to run,… Continue Reading “Not All Thoroughbreds Are Racehorses”

Welcome Frankie O’Prado!

Frankie is a 4 year old Thoroughbred gelding who never raced. If his name rings a bell, it should. His sire is the famous Paddy O’Prado. Prado blood is like gold, especially now since the sire has passed from an unexpected farm accident. We… Continue Reading “Welcome Frankie O’Prado!”

Thoroughbreds Can do Anything

More and more I’m seeing Thoroughbreds (who typically wear English tack), sporting Western gear. Thoroughbreds can do anything from racing, jumping, Dressage and Western sports. That is what’s so special about Puddle Jumper, because he can be an all-around Thoroughbred. The farm congratulates Corey… Continue Reading “Thoroughbreds Can do Anything”

The Missing Bookend Has Been Found

The farm wants to congratulate Bree Robinette of Magnolia Farm on their purchase of Hot Traffic. Thank you for the returned business and your enthusiasm and love of our Thoroughbreds.

What’s Not to Love. . .

Puddle Jumper (Boyd) has updated info on the HORSES FOR SALE page. I must admit that I’m quite smitten with this youngster and he puts a smile on my face. He would be ideal for an experienced woman who works in a 9 to… Continue Reading “What’s Not to Love. . .”