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Getting The Hang of it

After doing all my homework and and waiting until A Giant View (Zen) was physically and mentally prepared to jump, this is the result. He is lovely to work with and is uncomplicated. He’s perfect for a professional or serious amateur wanting to develop… Continue Reading “Getting The Hang of it”

The Grey Pony

I didn’t understand it back then. The phone call last night finally put the pieces together for me after nearly 40 years. She introduced herself as “Billie. I’m the lady who bought your grey pony.” Push the rewind button in my head and I’m… Continue Reading “The Grey Pony”

New Video of A Giant View

Go to HORSES FOR SALE page to see new video posts of sale prospect ‘A Giant View’ (Zenny). He looks amazing. Soon we’ll post under saddle videos and hope to pop him over some fences. A talented youngster who is being brought along slowly… Continue Reading “New Video of A Giant View”

A Trifecta

I’ve been fortunate this season to have ride time with gold medalist Michael Pollard. It’s been a great journey developing Eor The Terrific, and recently I had the opportunity to have Michael ask me if he could compete Lou. Of Course I jumped at… Continue Reading “A Trifecta”

A Giant View Growing Up

Never-ending foot work for a growing boy. It is an easy exercise that quickly gains focus and attention, trot tempo, and muscle development without pounding on joints. I set 10 poles on the ground that are spaced 5′ apart and focus on a straight… Continue Reading “A Giant View Growing Up”

More Royalty This Way Comes

Photography by Leslie Threlkeld Bryant The farm is excited to welcome this gorgeous boy Affirmatif Song. “Song” is an 8 year old fabulous Thoroughbred who has had a long successful career as a racehorse, with a total of 52 runs. His name suggests hints… Continue Reading “More Royalty This Way Comes”

He’s Pretty Terrific

Eor The Terrific enjoyed a recent outing at the July Poplar Trials. It was blazing hot.

Nothing Can Beat a Thursday Gallop

  We are up bright and early Thursday mornings since we’ve added a gallop to our fitness schedule. I’m hoping that it will not only give Louis better endurance, but also make him lighter in the bridle. We shall see in a few weeks!… Continue Reading “Nothing Can Beat a Thursday Gallop”

The First Hello & The Last Goodbye

By Anastasia Gallo In the competitive horse industry, especially in the marketing of sale horses, what does it take to be successful in selling horses? There’s a little hot secret in the North Georgia mountains of a woman who prefers to fly under the… Continue Reading “The First Hello & The Last Goodbye”

He’s Certainly a Beautiful View

  A Giant View (Zen) had his exclusive photo shoot with the farm’s favorite photographer, Leslie Threlkeld. He was the perfect model and the camera loved him! Photos have been added to his info on the HORSES FOR SALEpage.