The Watered-Down Thoroughbred


The term “watered-down” is an adjective that means ‘diluted with water’ or to be more precise as it relates to this article, ‘altered so as to be weaker in force, content or value’.

I place an emphasis on quality. What can weaken the American Thoroughbred market for sport resale, is that the market is flooded with low quality horses on the cheap. It also appears that these horses are offered by owners who are looking to make a quick buck and ‘flip’ a Thoroughbred sale to people who believe they’re buying something of quality for a bargain price.


For my farm, the number of sale horses are kept at a minimum each year. This is because these horses are a personal investment of not only money, but of management care, training, competing and much personalized love and attention. Its with each horse that the success to their future is my own personal responsibility.

RedHills2015HammockXC 001

My horses check all the boxes when it comes to their marketing. They’re largely young prospects who have recently transitioned from the racetrack. I personally know each horse and their backgrounds. I know how each was handled and started at the training farm, I’m well educated regarding their pedigrees, and I know their management care during their time racing.  I’ve invested many hands-on years with breeders and track trainers and this is what sets me apart from the competition. It shows  in the class of Thoroughbred I promote and speaks to the environment of my business.

2015ChattHillsDress2Ray 001

People do recognize quality and you know when something has been watered down. You can taste it. . . you can see it, you can touch it and you can ride it.

GO Thoroughbred!

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