More Royalty This Way Comes

Photography by Leslie Threlkeld Bryant


The farm is excited to welcome this gorgeous boy Affirmatif Song. “Song” is an 8 year old fabulous Thoroughbred who has had a long successful career as a racehorse, with a total of 52 runs. His name suggests hints to those historic runners we read about in books or see on TV, for example Affirmed and Unbridled Song.  Song has pure royal blood galloping through his veins, and we are so fortunate to have him here at the farm.


The farm also wants to congratulate his new owner Amy Snowden of Florida.  Amy is a Thoroughbred enthusiast and has often partnered in ownerships with the farm. When we told her of Song, she knew she had to act quickly because a horse like this doesn’t come along often.  Now he is transitioning wonderfully at Little Kentucky Farm with hopes of becoming a show horse.


An 8 year old is quite refreshing because all the silly goofiness I go through with the youngsters can be taxing.  Song is regal, serious, professional and a forward thinking workhorse.  He retired sound mentally and physically and is loving his new life with his pony Winnie.  There’s more news to come as Song’s transitioning progress develops!


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