The Grey Pony

I didn’t understand it back then. The phone call last night finally put the pieces together for me after nearly 40 years.

She introduced herself as “Billie. I’m the lady who bought your grey pony.”

Push the rewind button in my head and I’m sitting on a beautiful grey pony bareback riding down a dirt road. I can hear my own laughter and clip-clopping hooves, as I’d leave the farm and be gone for hours without a care in the world.

Sharr-Mae and I were a tough team to beat. I did everything with her, from 4-H, Pony Club, Western, English, Hunter-Jumper and Halter classes. And we won everything from local to regional competitions. She was kind, sweet and was simply my best friend. She was my rock during some tough times as a kid and I loved her dearly. But as I grew taller, my mother decided Sharr-Mae needed to give another little girl the chance to compete.

Push the fast forward button to January 2021 with me standing in my kitchen in Georgia when my phone rang. The voice on the other end wanted to let me know how loved and greatly cared for Sharr-Mae was, and that she hoped it would give me comfort in knowing that they had the grey pony in their lives for nearly 44 years. She wanted me to know that Sharr-Mae gave so much to her daughter Margie through the years, and now that Margie is a mother herself, was able to be there for Margie’s daughter to safely sit on.

As many already know about me, as an adult in the business of selling Thoroughbreds, its not easy buying a horse from me. Looking back, I guess I now know why. Having your friend suddenly leave and finding their empty stall without much of an understanding is tough for a young person. But how fortunate am I to have answered my phone yesterday, only to discover the grey pony continued for years to bring happiness.

I finally understand and can place the missing piece of the puzzle where it belongs. Thank you Billie for calling, and thank you Margie for loving our grey pony.

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