The Elephant in The Barn

Whether it is at the track or on a farm, locating dependable help is rare and a well-known elephant in the room, or should I say “barn” among employers. I’m not trying to speak for everyone when I write this, but I honestly believe there is a commonality many have experienced more than once and is very relatable. Who knows, maybe some will appreciate someone finally admitting to the elephant in the barn.

Dearest barn employee throughout the globe (near and far), who think you don’t have to show up on time for work – – – sorry, but you do.

For those who believe they can do 90% shitty work and continue sliding-by, believing you’re entitled to $15/hour – – – guess what, you’re not.

For those who say they can groom, tack, hold, lead, doctor a horse correctly – – – please, don’t lie to me.

To anyone who feels insulted or disrespected when your boss has to micromanage and call you out on your lack of work ethic – – – too bad for you darlin’.

When your employer has to pick up your slack and do 95% of the work, while you’re still on (1) stall, you are a feckless wonder – – – Look up the word feckless.

If you think you’re not replaceable and your employer should first be your friend – – – you’re wrong because you are. . . and we are not your friend.

This declaration only points out a handful of delightful horse-shit employers have to go through. To employees, I guarantee what you do in life has a direct consequence to your future.

Just think of the money someone won’t earn due to their irresponsibility. . . that means no money to feed yourself, pay your mortgage, have your car repaired or take a dream trip to Ecuador.

Finally in closing to fellow employers near and far, I’m not stating anything new that we all haven’t experienced a few times, right? It’s pitiful, disappointing and slightly comical because it comes with the territory when there’s a lack of work ethics and pride in doing good work for excellent pay.

But take heart friends, as Scarlett O’Hara said, “After all tomorrow’s another day.”

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